Practice Tips to Remember for Beginners

Some of the most frequent questions I get is if I have any tips for new practitioners and baby witches. I can give you as much advice as I can, from having to learn the hard way, but the chances are you'll probably have similar experiences even if you take these tips to heart.

Be Patient
When you find something that you're incredibly interested in, it's hard not to jump in full throttle. When I first discovered you could practice with the Fae, I attempted to. BIG MISTAKE. Those little buggers toyed with me for like a year, taking my stuff like keys and change and hiding it. There was always something out of place and eventually I guess they got bored of me? I don't know, I've been pretty nervous to ever try working with them again lol.

The point is, you're not going to know everything at once, and taking the time to do the research and really get to know the history and lore of what you're interested in definitely helps you feel more at home in your craft but also keeps you safe.

Start Slow
Find one thing that interests you and start with that. You don't need to know all about tarot, crystals, herbs, astrology, palmistry, runes, zodiacs, or anything else. I wasn't even interested in tarot really up until 4 years ago, and I've been practicing witchcraft for 15. I'm only just starting to really get into crystals and that's because my best friend is so passionate about them it's overflowed into my life. My main love has been herbs and plants, and still is. It's okay to have lots of avenues to be interested in, and also okay to have a very deep knowledge of only one subject.

You Don't Need Tools
It always feels inherently more "witchy" to have the tools and the cape and the outfit and everything. I wanted the black billowing cloak, the perfect candle holders, an old oval mirror, the right shelving, the right altar, (and if I'm honest I'm STILL on the hunt for all that,) but the thing to remember is that you don't need any of that to perform effective spells or rituals. Tools are more so physical assistants to help you with your visualization of your workings.

Don't be Lazy
Don't message an Instagram account or a blogger and ask/demand that they provide you with a spell or ritual help. We don't owe ANYONE, or any baby witches, ANYTHING. All of the experiences practitioners did their due diligence and put in the effort to be where we are today and our power has manifested because of our hard work. Being introspective, performing shadow work, making mistakes, getting messy, (Miss Frizzle is that you?), and figuring out how we wanted to work our crafts.

The best thing you can do is put in the effort to figure things out for yourself. If you're a baby witch and don't have a job or live in a conservative household, you need to remember that you won't be there forever. Read the blog posts, listen to the podcasts, scroll through twitter and use the free information available to you. When you move out, get a job, go to school etc; you will have the freedom to acquire the learning materials you want and be able to practice freely. (This goes hand in hand with the Be Patient above.) It also feels much better to do all of the work in the end.

Stop Comparing Yourself, and Your Craft, to Others
As humans, we love to compare ourselves to others. We are addicted to the drama and the negativity or wanting and needing what everyone else has. Stop. Your craft is as unique to you as your fingerprint. I've read this countless times and I'm going to quote it here. "You ask 100 witches how they practice, and you will get 100 different answers." Finding the right path for you is like dating. You won't figure out what you like in an ideal partner if you don't date a few people to get the experience of several different personality types. What flaws can you handle, what are you not willing to compromise on? So experience different pathways to find the one that you fit best in.

Know the Difference Between Wicca and Witchcraft
This is something I can't stress enough. Wicca is the structured religious pagan path, where as Witchcraft is a skill. There are many branches of Wicca, and depending on which branch you choose to pursue can change which deities you commune with and what "rules" and "regulations" you should abide by. Witchcraft is a skill set, and therefore can be practiced and used inside whatever spiritual or religious path you may practice.

This causes some stir in people who think Christians can't perform Witchcraft, and I'm going to share with you my unpopular opinion, that I don't think that is true. Many people within the community believe that you can't practice witchcraft because of the tragedies performed by the Christians to the witches in the past. There were numerous innocent lives that were lost around the world because of their way of life, and many more lives were taken using the excuse of witchcraft.

To me, saying that a present-day Christian can't practice witchcraft because of something past Christians did, doesn't make us any better. We're judging someone based on how they were brought up, and not who they are as a person. So if you were brought up in a Christian household, just as I was, and want to explore this avenue I implore you to do so.


I hope this helps you! Mistakes are how we learn, be courageous enough to make them and strong enough to admit that you made them in the first place. Who knows when your honest experiences could help someone else.


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When you are on Instagram or any other social media and you see beautiful alters and crystals or anything else other witches are using in their practice remember this…
“Comparison is the thief of joy”
Theodore Roosevelt
Remember that Instagram is supposed to be full of gorgeous pictures and that it took that person time to curate their collection. With time and knowledge you will gather tools for your practice. If you are finding yourself having a “moment” and are wanting “all of the things” I would suggest you buy a book and a notebook and invest in gaining knowledge in your practice/path. Find joy in learning. Those other things will come with time.


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