Review: The Complete Grimoire by Lidia Pradas

Review: The Complete Grimoire by Lidia Pradas

I was one of the few that were lucky enough to receive a copy of The Complete Grimoire as an advanced copy, but let me tell you, that this book will be worth whatever price Lidia Pradas (WiccanTips) charges for it.

As a practicing witch, originally in the Wiccan faith, I have read my fair share of beginner books and there is always one problem that I find; the amount of information. There is either WAY too much so much so that it becomes confusing or not enough so that the reader is still left with questions when it comes to basic techniques. I’ve also found that 99% of beginner books are rooted deeply in the Wiccan way, which then persuades the reader to practice Wicca without even given the option to possibly practice another path.

Thankfully, I never found that problem in Lidias book.

Lidia very plainly states at the beginning of the book, that while she is sharing her basic techniques for all witches regardless of practice path, that there will be times when she references her specific paths beliefs. I appreciate the honesty because while I was reading the book and I came across these very personal references, I never felt like I was being told that “this is the way” I should be doing something. (Which as a Taurus and practitioner of 15 years, I can get pretty defensive for really no reason.)

The information that Lidia presents the reader with, is concise, personal, and multifunctional. She covers some very important practices like grounding and deity work, which often times I find are missing when it comes to beginner’s guides, or at least is glossed over rather quickly. As well as information that is discussed quite often like which form of divination suits you and different types of pathways you can follow.

For some reason so many beginners guides, almost write like they are assuming this is in fact not the first book a practitioner is picking up. Lidia does not write in this way. She writes as if she is talking to you and that you are the one picking her brain on all the information that she knows. The Grimoire is laid out and written like this is going to be the first book some witches do in fact pick up and is their first introduction to the craft, but she also makes sure to address some of the more seasoned practitioners in her chapters from time to time.

Her sections and chapters are organized and laid out in a great way. She starts by scratching the surface in the first half and then goes into more detail about somethings in the later half. As well, at the beginning of some of the chapters that discuss the most basic of basic technique, Lidia talks to the more experienced witch by saying “if you already know this, feel free to skip to the next chapter.” I appreciate this type of writing, because it also feels like you’re sitting there with the woman who put the energy behind the words. It doesn’t read like a manuscript.

Something else that I haven’t seen a whole lot in printed works, is at the end of her chapters she has put in “Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me,” and reading these notes at the end of the chapters honestly was the tipping point to my already in motion plan to add this to the book suggestion list for new practitioners. Several of these suggestions are ones that are very similar, if not the same advice, that I have given out and will continue to give out.

Last but not least, before anyone reading this feels sick to their stomach about how much I might actually be gushing about it, is the artwork. For me, artwork can make or break a book. Maybe it’s too much, too simple, it was lazy or inappropriate to the subject matter. I love the artwork in this book. Lidia made sure to have the right works in her book, and its types of art that makes me want to get more tattoos. They are simple and modern, easy to look at, but I think capture the magic of the different chapters very well. From the small glyphs inside the pages, to the full colour beginnings of each chapter, it gives the book a pop of colour without taking away or distracting the reader from the information on the pages. It has photos I expect might actually be doodled into her personal Grimoire.

In conclusion; it is my personal and professional opinion, that The Complete Grimoire is an incredible asset to the beginner witch on their spiritual journey. It opens up your world to several different ideas, aspects and practices, with enough detail to give you the confidence to research deeper any of the techniques discussed in the book. It is organized, it is easy to read and understand, and was obviously created with a lot of magic and love. Do yourself a favor and make sure you add this book to your collection!

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