The Dabblers Guide to Witchcraft Review

The Dabblers Guide to Witchcraft Review

When I first read the title to FireLytes book, I'll admit I was a little confused. "Dabbling" to me meant kind of half-assing something, like you're not really committed to it. I mean, I was committed to my path, so what kind of idea was he promoting to the new witches in the community?

Then I read the book, and hands down this would be one of the first books I would recommend to anyone starting on this path that is witchcraft.

FireLyte goes over so many important aspects to the craft that have become increasingly important to witches' in out community, and these are subjects that where as many witches do talk about them, several choose to not.

These include cultural appropriation, the actual terminology of gatekeeping, and the importance of leaving behind the terms of the religion or spirituality you're leaving, in order to full embrace the magic within yourself and in the world.

These are things that many notable authors from a generation or few back, didn't even consider. It doesn't make their books less knowledgeable, but we need to accept that as new information becomes available to us and ew learn more about the 'not-so-great' actions of the community members passed, that we share and uplift and educate so that the generation after us can make the most of their personal power while standing up for the communities that have been affected.

If I had read this book when I first started my path, there are so many things I would have done differently. Terms I would not have used, plants I would not have used, and ultimately plants I would have researched and grown myself. I regret that he wasn't able to write such wonderful literature 16 years ago, but since we're roughly the same age, it wouldn't have been have as good without the experience he has accumulated.

There is of course, what I would consider "witchcraft basics" throughout the book, like tools to use, important dates and the like, but he also gives book suggestions which is where many new witches struggle. They find one good book but then don't know where to go from there once it's done.

I will say, that if you're born in 2000 or later, there might be some references you don't understand, but this was the first witchcraft book written by someone in my generation, that had witty references to movies, tv shows and books that I actually understood and experienced. It made me love the book that much more because not only was I resonating with the information on the page, I was resonating with the author through his words and quips. (And let me tell you, he is funny AF.)

If you're looking for a refreshing look at witchcraft basics, or want to gift someone a beginners book that gives them so much more than just holidays and starter tools, you need to pick up his book.

You can grab the book here;
Simon and Schuster

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