About Danielle

Danielle has been a practitioner of pagan pathways since she was fourteen.

She first practiced Wicca and then found her way in eclectic witchcraft, working with the wheel of the year and the way the Earth moves. She is currently working without a group of deities.

The title of "awitchalone" came from the fact that she is the only practicing witch in her family. Being raised in a Christian household, with devotees on both her maternal and paternal sides, she is the first one to her knowledge to follow this pagan path. She is not necessarily "alone" anymore with the community and friends she has made over Instagram, but she wants new witches to feel comfortable with the prospect of practicing by yourself. You're not a "lesser" witch because you don't have a coven,

She has always been interested in tarot and began reading a card a day three years ago, then after receiving The Wild Unknown tarot as a gift, exponentially expanded her tarot knowledge and skill. Reading tarot for others filled her soul the same way massaging her clients as a Registered Massage Therapist does, in the mundane world.

Her hope is to expand her online shop to be able to provide for witches in the broom closet, or witches on a budget, which is what she was when she first began her path.