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The Winding Path Podcast

NEXT EPISODE: Yule - December 17


Welcome to the Podcast Page! Here you'll find the links to all the currently available platforms to listen to my podcast, as well as a list of topics currently uploaded and the next upcoming episode.

My hope is upload an episode weekly but as life gets away from me, sometimes it turns into two weeks or...much longer than that.

So why even start a podcast?

When I was starting out on my witchcraft path I was doing so in a Christian household, with no job, very little personal space and no smartphone. As the internet grew, my learning materials did as well, but I didn't always have the time or availability to freely pull out my book on witchcraft.

So I've put together this Podcast to cover a variety of topics that are useful for newcomers to this old path, from basic practice tips to knowing the difference between divination tools.

Right here ↓ you'll find the links to all the platforms my podcast is currently available on.




  • Ep 1-Introduction: all about yours truly and my discovery of the craft
  • Ep 2-Wicca vs. Witchcraft vs. Other Paths: the difference between many of the paths seen and discovered by new witches first
  • Ep 3-The Pentagram: history and common uses of The Pentagram
  • Ep 4-Practicing in the Broom Closet: tips and tricks to practice under the radar
  • Ep 5-Coming Out of the Broom Closet: suggestions for how to truly live outside of the broom closet, while being respectful and safe

    Mini Series: Tools of the Trade
  • Ep 6-Tools of the Trade: Athame and Bolline: the difference between, and the uses of the Athame and the Bolline
  • Ep 7-Tools of the Trade: Besom and Broom: the difference between, and the different ways you can use your broom
  • Ep 8-Tools of the Trade: Wand: finding, using, and loving your wand
  • Ep 9-Tools of the Trade: Cauldron: myths, legends, and materials about the cauldron
  • Ep 10-Tools of the Trade: Chalice: finding and using your chalice
  • Ep 11-Tools of the Trade: Incense: different types of incense and how to use it
  • Ep 12-Tools of the Trade:Extra Altar Tools: items you can incorporate into your practice and what they can do for you.

  • Ep 13-The Year and a Day: the Wiccan practice of the 366 days of learning and how it can help even the non-Wiccan

    Mini-Series: Basic Practice Techniques
  • Ep 14-Basic Practice: Consecrating; what it means to consecrate your tools and how to perform this ritual.
  • Ep 15-Basic Practice: The Circle & the Cone of Power; casting your circle or raising your cone of power, grounding and the protective barriers during spell work
  • Ep 16-Calling in the Quarters: Calling in the elements to join you during rituals or spell casting
  • Ep 17-Spells: The 'who, what, where, when, why, and how' of creating and casting your spells

  • Bonus Episode - Ep 17.5: August Q&A

    Mini-Series: Basic Practice Techniques
  • Ep 18-Coven Vs. Solitaire: The Pros and Cons of working with a group or working by yourself.
  • Ep 18.5-The Podcast Has a New Name!: re-introduction to the podcast under the new name The Winding Path
  • Ep 19-Working (Or Not) With Deities: an overview of finding your deities, or how they find you, leaving offers, your relationship with them, or why not working with deities is also totally fine.
  • Ep 20-Lunar Rituals: going over lunar timing, all the full moons in a year, and different ritual ideas for celebrating the moons
  • Bonus Episode 20.5 - My interview for The Witch Daily Show podcast
  • Ep 21 - Influential Practitioners: going over a few of the big names that were at the beginning of witchcraft and some of the influential practitioners of our day and age.
  • Ep 22 - The Wheel of the Year: a brief overview of the eight holidays usually celebrated throughout the witches year

         Mini Series: The Sabbats
  • Ep 23 - Samhain: history, correspondences, other cultural practices and ritual ideas for Samhain
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