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Three's A Coven

Divination Spray

Divination Spray

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The Divination spray is meant to help you focus your attention and tune into whatever method of divining yo choose to use.

A bold scent of clove with a sweeter scent of honeysuckle creates a calming but attentive atmosphere for you to do your work.


Intention sprays are a great resource for those who can not use typical incense, or who have conditions that are worsened due to incense smoke.

Each spray is curated personally when ordered, because of this, it may take some time for it to be ready and then shipped out. Products bought from Threes a Coven should be used responsibly, and should not replace any traditional medicines, medications or other wise be used in place of standard medical care. Products are meant to assist in whatever spiritual journey the purchaser is on.

Always do a patch test if using close to the skin for irritants.


Soy candle wax
Wax dye
Mica powder
Essential oils
Crystal chips


Standard tea light size

1.5” diameter

0.75” height

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