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Fall Equinox Sabbat Box

Fall Equinox Sabbat Box

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Welcome to the biggest harvest celebration, the Fall Equinox! In the Fall Equinox Box you’ll find anything and everything you need to celebrate the seasons.


  • Pumpkin Candle (clove, orris root, spearmint)
  • 2oz Spell Candle jar for Balancing (grapefruit, vanilla)
  • 3ml Clear It cleansing spray
  • Grey Sand
  • Red Aleae Salt
  • Peppermint
  • 1 Oz Equilibrium Ritual Oil
  • Equinox Bath Bomb (lemon, honeysuckle)
  • 10ml Rollerball Equinox Body Oil
  • Bloodstone Tumbled Crystal


The box is only available for Canada and The US. 


Soy candle wax
Wax dye
Mica powder
Essential oils
Crystal chips


Standard tea light size

1.5” diameter

0.75” height

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