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Summer Solstice Box

Summer Solstice Box

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The Junes Give-a-Spell box is themed for the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

In the box you’ll find;

  • Summer Solstice Ritual Candle
  • Summer Solstice Ritual Oil
  • Summer Solstice Ritual Bath Bomb
  • Empowerment Tealight Candle Spell
  • Booklet with Summer Solstice Ritual, Empowerment Spell, Divination Spread & more
  • ”Day” card print from Metonia deck by Mercurial Sun
  • 1 Large Tumbled Crystal
  • Red Salt (for select countries)
  • Pre-Work Cleansing Spray


Soy candle wax
Wax dye
Mica powder
Essential oils
Crystal chips


Standard tea light size

1.5” diameter

0.75” height

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